Embracing Conflict and Diversity II

Are you a youth worker that wants to improve your skills in adressing conflict and diversity? Then this is a great opportunity for you! Thanks to funding from Erasmus+ your travel and accommodation are covered and you give only a symbolic amount. The training will take place from the 25th of March to 2nd of April 2022 (including travel dates), in Greece.

In the summer of 2020 we organised the first “Embracing Conflict and Diversity” training, which led the participants to ask for a follow-up. In this second training course we therefore focus on skills practice in a few of the same topics (that participants wanted to deepen), as well as some new ones. Topics include: responding to discrimination, harassment, privileges, self-empathy, personal boundaries, Mediation and Restorative Justice. As it won’t be possible to gather the same group, we are hoping to involve new people who already have some knowledge about the topics we’re addressing, so that they can come along with the others. At the same time, we will do our best for everyone to be able to participate in all the workshops.

The title of this training reflects the core concepts and key competences: embracing conflict means to acknowledge conflict (instead of avoiding) and engaging in a conflict-solving process in which people gain mutual understanding and thus come closer together. Embracing diversity involves acknowledging differences and supporting mutual respect and understanding through dialogue and communication.
Youth workers that work with youth from culturally diverse backgrounds from or residing in Greece, Netherlands, Italy, Germany and Spain are elegible to apply.

For more information please download the Info Pack or send an email (contact.peacepower @ gmail.com).

Please fill out the application form before the 25th of February.