Webinar in collaboration with Rise Ubuntu Network

29th of January 2020 at 17h00 central european time

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Webinar series May-June 2018

How different would our world look like if we spend less money on weapons and more on the ‘sustainable development goals’ and other measures that will enhance peace? What if more and more people would learn about how to solve conflicts nonviolently instead of with weapons, so that they become obsolete?

This series of webinars is for any one that wants to get better at dealing with conflict from a more personal level to situations at work and in society.

They are based on the workshop manual that is currently in press. “Engaging Nonviolence. Activating Nonviolent Change in Our Lives and Our World”. (See more on this page). It is only 20 euro for 4 webinars and if you join the webinar you can get a 10% discount on the book!

Registrations closed on May the 18th. (The dates were: Tuesdays May 29, June 5, June 12, June 19). If you want to find out about the next series, please contact me!

In the four webinars I explain different concepts and theories, and discuss these with participants. There are voice recordings of each webinar, available to participants when they were not able to join, or want to listen again. The introductions of the first two are also on youtube (see below). Each webinar had a duration of two hours.

From a participant of the webinar: “It was a great way to learn a variarity of nonviolent implementations. You have a lot of knowledge and I am greatful you share it. I enjoyed a lot hearing what other participants think, feel and do also. It opened a lot of questioning. I am happy we all participated actively; this is why this webinar was unique and made us realy dive in. Keep up the good work! It is so so needed, we all deserve to learn about efficient, life enriching ways to interact and make this world easier to live in. And that is why your work is so important. To show that it can be done, that it has been done and how to approach it.”

Here are the titles and topics:

Webinar 1: Violence and Nonviolence

  • Understand the forms and features of violence
  • Challenge common beliefs about Nonviolence
  • Explore the meaning of Nonviolence
Webinar 2: Responding to ConflictConflict styles
  • Become aware of different responses to Conflict
  • Zero-Sum and Win-win solutions
  • Two Hands of Nonviolence
  • Nonviolent Communication
  • Emotional-awareness practice
Webinar 3: Heroes and Everyday Life
  • Principles for nonviolent action Gandhi & King
  • Stories/examples of ‘nonviolent conflict’
  • Reflecting on Nonviolence towards yourself, direct surrounding and society.
  • Third Party Intervention
Webinar 4: Privilege and Power
  • Different forms of power
  • An example from Peace Bridgades International
  • Privileges: what priveleges do you have and why is awareness of them important?
  • Obedience and civil disobedience (effectiveness and efficiency)

And the introduction of the 2nd webinar can be found here.

Watch the free webinar series hosted by Rivera Sun and Nina Koevoets (2017).

This webinar series with Author and Educator Rivera Sun is intended to bring international activists together to learn, understand, advocate and move towards a nonviolent world. It is offered for free, although donations are gratefully accepted. It is a collaboration between Campaign Nonviolence, based in the USA, and SVAG (Foundation for Active Nonviolence) and its project ToNoWo (Towards a Nonviolent World).

If you would like to donate to support this series and future webinars, donations can be made via Campaign Nonviolence/Pace e Bene. The website will automatically earmark your donation for this series! Here’s where to contribute.

Introduction Webinar – Nonviolent Activism: Oppose and Propose
Wednesday, January 18th, 2017
5:30pm-7pm UTC + 01 (Netherlands)
11:30am-1pm ET (US)

Learn the basic skills you need for making change with nonviolent action. Join this practical webinar that covers the basic concepts, the 198+ Methods of Nonviolent Action, strategy and campaign design, and also the “Two Hands of Nonviolence” that create an unstoppable force to oppose injustice and propose solutions. Get strategic planning tools, further resources, and learn from nonviolent struggles throughout history.

Nonviolent Responses to the Rise of Hate, Xenophobia, Discrimination
Saturday, January 28th, 2017
5:30pm-7pm UTC + 01 (Netherlands)
11:30am-1:00pm ET (US)

Hear about strategies and share solutions! At a time when hate and discrimination seem to be rising in society, politics and certain institutions, this online conversation offers you a chance to connect with others to hear the many creative solutions that are being used to counter hate, and to affirm respect, dignity, and inclusion. Share what’s happening near you, and find out what others are doing in this lively conversation focusing on people-power, creativity, and nonviolent responses to some of our pressing issues. Opening remarks and facilitation by Rivera Sun.

Webinar – Nonviolent Fiction and Nonfiction: The Dandelion Insurrection
Wednesday, February 8th, 2017
5:30pm-7pm UTC + 01 (Netherlands)
11:30am-1:00pm ET (US)
In a time that looms around the corner of today . . . when Author/Activist Rivera Sun wrote the opening words of The Dandelion Insurrection, the line between fact and fiction was already blurring. Join her for a special conversation about what parts of the story have come true – and what now looms on our horizon. Find out how this story about a nonviolent movement for change in a slightly fictionalized United States remains timely and highly relevant. Ask questions, see how the book compares to current US situation . . . and find out what’s brewing in the sequel that’s coming in 2017.

Structured Dialogue – Environmental Destruction & Nonviolent Action: Creative Solutions to Big Problems
Saturday, February 25th, 2017
5:30pm-7pm UTC + 01 (Netherlands)
11:30am-1:00pm ET (US)

Join with others for a creative, lively conversation about how people around the world are using nonviolent action to stop environmental destruction. Share your experience and favorite stories. Speak up about your pressing concerns. Learn from others and gain fresh ideas for protecting our beautiful Earth, our communities, and ourselves.
Facilitated by Rivera Sun.