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A few workshop materials:

Nonviolence in your daily life

The Violence Spectrum Exercise

3 faces of violence (Galtung triangle)

Some Nonviolence Quotes

Forms of power

7 misperceptions and reasons to use NV

Nonviolandia: create your own Nonviolent community (also see the drawing below).Nonviolence in Society

198 Methods of Nonviolent Action (by Gene Sharp)

Center for Non-Violent Communication (and this PDF on the 4part_nvc_process).

Overzicht Erasmus+ Trainingen 2015-2022


8 ways to defend against terror nonviolently (Article by George Lakey, on Waging Nonviolence)

Why Nonviolence is about Changing Situations, not other People (by Rivera Sun, Waging Nonviolence)

A look at the newest additions to the nonviolence canon

Mary Elizabeth King on Civil Action for Social Change, the Transnational Women’s Movement, and the Arab Awakening (Interview by Nina Koevoets for Theory Talks)

Why You Should Choose Nonviolent Methods To Change The World (Pace e Bene blog by Nina Koevoets)

Acknowledging the system of violence (PDF by Nina Koevoets)

‘Love the Forest’ inspires children to act from a place of love and connectedness Metta Center, on Waging Nonviolence

In Dutch:

Interview met Nina Koevoets, De Linker Wang, door Kathinka Minzinga

Nina Koevoets: “Charles Eisenstein zegt dat geen enkele actie klein is” (door Cees Veltman)

Geweldloosheid in (Zuid) Soedan. Vredesmagazine, interview met Jacob Aluong door Nina Koevoets

For more articles/news see:

Waging Nonviolence, The Nonviolence Newsletter, Samen Voor Vrede (Dutch – ‘Together for Peace’) or Satyagraha Foundation

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Websites/ Organizations

For educational materials:

see Pace e Bene and their Mainstreaming Nonviolence Campaign,  as well as Metta Center for Nonviolence and Training for Change. For more strategic materials go to Albert Einstein Institution (founded by Gene Sharp).

For Nonviolent Communication go here and for NVC games see the GROK website.

For Peace education in schools look at this school in the USA and the Schools for Peace in The Netherlands (in Dutch).

For an excellent number of historical examples:

see this Nonviolent Database of the Swarthmore college

For organisation about third party conflict intervention see:

Nonviolent Peace Force, Peace Brigades International, and Christian Peace Maker Teams

For some communities where nonviolence is a core value see:

The Arch Communities (“communauté de l’Arch” in France based on Gandhi’s philosophy), Plum Village (founded by Buddhist monk Tich Nath Han, also in France), or look for communitites at the Global Ecovillage Network, such as Findhorn (Scotland), Tamera (Portugal) or Auroville (India).

Key Videos

Find more videos on our separate page.


Wangari Maathai

Nonviolence Hero’s:

  • A Long March to Freedom (Nelson Mandela)
  • Invinctus (Nelson Mandela)
  • Selma (M.L King)
  • Gandhi
  • Taking Root (Wangari Maathai)
  • The Lady (Aung San Suu Kyi)

Social movements/protest

  • Pray the Devil Back to Hell (Liberia)
  • Singing Revolution (Estonia)
  • Budrus (Palestine)
  • Five Broken Cameras (Palestine)
  • A Force More Powerful (4 short films)
  • Every Day Rebellion (Egypt, Ukraine, Iran and others)

A few books

You can also order these Children’s Books from me.

And check-out this exciting nonviolence adventure series from Rivera Sun.

And have a look at this map from World Beyond War


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