Holistic approach

Each training and workshop can only highlight a few issues. Yet, the over-all philosophy of this work is based on the idea that nonviolence is a concept that can be applied to many areas in life, from the personal to the socio-political. This means we need a holistic approach, or a multi-faceted approach where we re- and/or transform our economic system, our attitude towards nature, our justice system, media, education, art… We need to treat ourselves, each other and everything around us nonviolently, with compassion and love. Step by step, action by action, this will pave a road Towards a Nonviolent World, with justice and human dignity. Or another way of describing it is, that each contribution weaves a ‘web of life’ of which we cannot predict the patterns. We therefore need to trust that our actions matter, and can co-create a New Story.

Through Peace Education, by giving training courses and workshops I hope to make some contribution to this web of life. Join me if you feel the call!

Are you curious learning more about nonviolence? Check out the whole cartoon on this website (below this item in the menu)nonviolent-nina-PARTIII-KL_KANAI

ML King drawing&quote Danelion-field

Check out this inspiring video from the Metta Center:

See also “A New Story of the People” by Charles Eisenstein.