Adult Education project

Strategic partnership project “Changing the game: developing a Culture of Peace in organisations” is aiming to build the capacity of the 5 project partner organizations from Latvia, Poland, Netherlands, United Kingdom and Greece and their 15 associate partners, active in non-formal education, in three levels of a Culture of Peace during the 24 months of the project. This will be done through creating an innovative non-formal education methodology (consisting of an interactive game and Manual for Educators) that can be used to develop practical peacebuilding skills inside organisations. It is a so-called “Key action 2” project co-financed by Erasmus+ in the sector of adult education, and will last 24 months. (December 2020- November 2022).

Objectives of the project are:
1) To develop and extend professional and personal skills to contribute to the Culture of Peace of 10-15 staff members of the 5 partner organizations, and between 30-45 people from 15 associate partners of non governmental organizations and activists movements;
2) To develop an innovative educational methodology based on interactive game comprising 3 modules of CoP, distributed in physical form and via project website through partner organisations, reaching around 800-1000 people of the target groups.

The results we expecting to reach:
A) 10-15 educators/trainers/educational leaders and support staff belonging to partner organizations will take part in two Joint Staff Training events aiming to share best practices and conceptual background and educational methodology related to the Culture of Peace and game design;
B) Another 30 educators/trainers/educational leaders and support staff will take part in the Blended Learning Mobility event (C3), based on our developed CoP game and Manual for Educators. Within the course of the project, they will transfer the knowledge and learning to their organizations & communities, directly reaching up to 30-60 additional people from our target group.
C) An educational CoP game and Manual for Educators will be created in English with essential parts translated in languages of all partner organizations (Latvian, Dutch, Polish and Greek).