Learnings, pics and video

When organizing a training course we have certain learning outcomes in mind, like we described in the overview. The best formulated learning outcomes though come of course from the participants themselves. We therefore want to quote one of them:

“The TC helped me understand why some actions and situations have always felt so wrong to me – it’s because they are an act of violence! And here I was most of my life thinking I was oversensitive and weak for feeling so. What happened during the TC was that I felt among equals and felt strong for being able to see these acts of violence for what they are. Now I know the first step to creating a nonviolent environment around me is actually being able to see there is violence in the first place, and I know I can help with that. I have found huge strength in a seeming weakness. 
The TC did push me to reevaluate my lifestyle, my relationships, reactions, choices, habits and so on, which for me is a huge personal step that is creating turmoil, but will bring about positive changes. After this personal upheaval is passed, I would like to continue educating myself in this area and creating outer changes as well.”
The impact that the participants can have, implementing their new knowledge, insights and skills is both local, in terms of their local personal environment – family, friends, work- is international, since participants reside in ten different countries. We’ve stimulated participants to share what they have learned within their organizations, to widen the impact of the training and multiply its effects. They will increase the quality of the work that the partner organizations can deliver, help resolving conflicts within the organization, and expand the possibilities for future collaborations by the new contacts obtained in the training.So far one participant has written an article about the training and another participant made a short video, both which can be viewed on our facebook page. We also want to share a short video with you as an impression of the training below