Noah’s Challenge

Noah's Challenge-logo new-transparantNoah’s Challenge is a cooperative game that provides you with 9 missions to carry out as a team, to help to make the world more sustainable and peaceful. The Challenge is to take action on nine different topics. You do this in a team, exchanging ideas and inspiring and learning from each other.

The missions were recently discovered in a very old document that was found in a special shipwreck: the Arc of Noah. Noah's Challenge shipIn the document Noah warns there will again be a time that the world will be in great danger and calls people to take action on nine different themes. He says that everyone can play a role in creating a more sustainable and peaceful world. In fact, those who do will contribute to an Era of Peace that will begin when enough people participate in the Challenge. Do you want to be one of the future’s hero’s? Then sign up by sending an email to:

Download the English Game intro
Download de introductie in het Nederlands

docentenhandleidingTo receive the missions (+Teacher’s Guide in Dutch for schools) please make a donation. You can choose an amount between 7,50 and 20 euro, depending on your ability. If even that is too much of a barrier, please let me know. The game is an offering  that should stay accessible to everyone.
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