Embracing Conflict and Diversity [2020]

Poster Embracing training_thumbnailWould you like to improve your work by learning more about conflict management and diversity? Then this is a great opportunity for you! “Embracing Conflict and Diversity” will take place from July 25th to August 2nd 2020 (including travel dates), in Greece. The title of this training reflects the core concepts and key competences: embracing conflict means to acknowledge conflict (instead of avoiding) and engaging in a conflict-solving process in which people gain mutual understanding and thus come closer together. Embracing diversity involves acknowledging differences and supporting mutual respect and understanding through dialogue and communication.
The aim of of this training course is to improve practices of dealing with conflict and diversity in youth work in Europe, by offering youth workers relevant knowledge, exercises and tools and exchange best-practices.
Youth workers that work with youth from culturally diverse backgrounds from or residing in Greece, Netherlands, Italy, Germany and Spain are elegible to apply. For more information please download this  PDF document.

Please fill out the application form here.

PS. You can already have a look at the Program to get an impression of what you may learn.

Corona Travel Update
Opening of Greece’s border to foreign tourists is planned in three phases: June 15, July 1 and July 15. In the first phase citizens from some 20 countries are allowed in the country, in the second citizens of more countries will be added on the list, while restrictions will be lifted in the third phase, July 15. Currently after the 1st of July passengers from Netherlands, Spain and Italy are allowed to travel to all airports in Greece, but they will test people who then have to stay in a hotel for one night. These will be random tests, so if you don’t want to risk to miss the first day (and we really would appreciate that you don’t!) you should arrive one day earlier (and find accommodation at your own expense). Passengers from Germany will not be tested, as they are not on the list of risky countries.