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Please join us for a series of four workshops to develop your peace power! In this series of workshops you will learn how you can increase your Peace Power: attaining skills to build inner peace, peaceful relations and peaceful societies.

When & where? Mondays from 17.30 to 20.30, 18 & 25 November and 2 & 9 December, in Thessaloniki (address provided after signing up through this form).

Why? The environmental desctruction has brought humanity to a crossroad where we can choose to continue with the violent practices that have brought  about enormous destruction or we can make a shift to more peaceful, sustainable and cooperative ways of being on this planet. We need to learn how we can change direction, so we don’t drive off the cliff towards which we seem to be heading. Therefore, the aim of “Peace Power” is to provide a framework and tools to increase the ‘peace power’ of youth and adults in social professions so they can be a part of changing people’s current direction of destruction to one of peace & nonviolence to all beings and the planet.

What will you learn?

The first workshop will focus on getting to know the people in the group and getting an introduction into the different dimensions of Peace Power. The next three workshops will be themed according to the 3 dimensions. In the end, the group will propose a collective action.

Inner Peace:


  • Awareness of where and how emotions are felt in the body
  • Ways to calm down and center
  • Expressing emotions in a safe space

Peaceful Relations:

  • Resolving Conflicts
  • Listening with new ears
  • Empathy

Peaceful Societies:

  • The process and roles of social change
  • Different forms of nonviolent actions and strategic planning
  • Making group decisions and cooperate

After these workshops participants of Peace Power will thus understand the necessary elements of developing a culture of peace and nonviolence and feel motivated and able to contribute to peacebuilding in their local community.

The workshops will be followed-up with a group action for peace, decided by the group.

Attendance is free. Register through this form, before the 16th of November.


For organisational costs, we receive support from the Guerilla Foundation Thank you so much! guerrilia_logo_rgb_coloured_no_bg