Learnings, Pics and video

All of the participants, with 11 different nationalities, give their view on nonviolence in the video below. It gives a good impression of the spark of inspiration that was ignited, and that we hope will light your day too!

Peace+ was a great succes, as people left with the feeling of inspiration, support, learning and friendship.  Here are two quotes of the participants:

It was magical to see how much power lies in a simple encounter between different people. It was so impressive to see young beautiful people who share similar passion and ideals. It was heart warming to learn that many individuals are truly open to accept each other easily, despite all the differences. It was even almost shocking to see that those differences actually don’t matter that much. I return to my life with lots of inspiration and ideas for the future, and more important, with the assurance that I am not alone in this struggle.

The training  created a lot of learning and countless memories and has opened yet another opportunity for me and many others to connect for peace, fight against hatred, extremism and bigotry at all levels.


If you want to get the full picture of the training, you can also download the report.