Application process

We invite you to apply by July 122015 if you’re a youth worker from The Netherlands, Italy, Turkey or Austria. (Yet, if you’re from another country and you’re really passionate to join, don’t hesitate to contact us.)

Update: for Dutch participants we extend the deadline to July 24th.

Who are we looking for?

Youth workers who want to incorporate nonviolent methods and principles in their work. They must work in the social work sector or NGO sector, so they can impact youth directly or indirectly through policy, advocacy, lobby or research. We encourage those coming from disadvantaged areas and/or youth workers who work with youth who are exposed to  violence or at risk due to their background/circumstances to apply. Youth workers from (or located in) Turkey, Italy, Austria and the Netherlands can apply.

If you fulfill these requirements, please fill out the Application Form and email it to We look forward hearing from you! 🙂

Don’t have time this summer, but you know a friend who wants to join? Please share this link or send her/him the Call for participation



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