Nonviolent Future: Connect and Act

In February we will make another application for Erasmus+ funding for a new project: Nonviolent Future: Connect and Act. This program will differ from the other Training Courses for youth workers, as it will consists of three parts: Online Learning of 4 webinars, Training Course in Conflict Resolution skills and an Action Lab to learn tools for effective strategy/campaign and create joint actions.

The webinars will take place end of May and June, the TC in July and the Action Lab in September 2018, in The Netherlands.


For this project we’re looking for two more partners in the EU who don’t need visa for the Netherlands. We’re looking for organizations, preferably non-profit, but may also be a public body or social enterprise, that are in some way active in/for Peace-building, Social Justice, Human Rights, minorities, discrimination, refugees or Dialogue activities, and who work with youth/young people. Maybe you are the puzzle piece we’re looking for?

If you feel the call please contact me at nina.towardsanonviolentworld[@]