Trainers and volunteers

NinaNina – Organizer and trainer

Towards a Nonviolent World is a sentence I chose to name my work, and this project is the first one we’re able to realize! In 2009  I did a Nonviolence training in the USA that changed my perspective on life. I got many insights and while living in India, Israel-Palestine and other places I became more and more convinced that we can solve conflict without perpetuating violence, where-ever we are. I have a master degree in Conflict Resolution and Governance and another master in Global Studies, where I also focused on conflict and social movements.

My vision is that ToNoWo will let me co-create a more peaceful world, in which people live a wholesome life in which they act from compassion and in which they feel loved, listened to and seen. I want to give space for people’s imagination and dreams to arise and speak up and out, so they can put their ideas into action. Violence is built-in to the structures of our society so that many have become blind to it. I hope to encourage people to see with new eyes and broaden their imagination towards a nonviolent world!


Annamaria – trainer

I am a Personal and Professional Coach and a Mediator. I believe that everyone has the resources and power inside themselves to create the life they desire. And I believe in peace and respect as the main values we should focus on in each of our interactions. For these reasons I joined Nina in her efforts for Towards a Nonviolent World. In the trainings we shed light on the violence we are surrounded by in our everyday life and offer tools and methods to write a different story. Each of us has the responsibility to live peacefully, but also to promote peace, and to prevent conflicts or manage them nonviolently. 

I work in the field of non-formal education and EU projects since 10 years, organise activities since 7, I work as a trainer since 3. I deeply enjoy witnessing how participants evolve during our trainings, gaining insights and self-awareness, learning about topics they are passionate about, re-defining their present, and creatively planning a new future. 

maddyMaddalena – volunteer

I am taking part in this project because, not only do I think that workshops and trainings are very powerful means to spread knowledge about nonviolence, but they can also show different useful tools in this field. I had the chance to learn more about peace building and conflict transformation strategies at an international training in Armenia last November. I learnt how to solve a problem using a nonviolent instead a violent solution. Sometimes a nonviolent idea can seem utopian, but actually we can forestall several problems through an assertive behavior and a well planned nonviolent project. As Aldo Capitini said, “nonviolence is not about conservation but transformation”, because of this nonviolence is very active and intervenes in thousands ways. In a society nonviolence fosters deep solidarity between people. I believe that Towards a Nonviolent World can be a great opportunity for whomever wants to embrace nonviolence as a way of life!

sarahSarah – volunteer

Violence should never be found as ‘normal’ as it is often thought to be. Growing up in an environment without war nor conflict, I was lucky enough to be able to study and work – I therefore see it as my ethical responsibility to do whatever I can for those who did not. When I lived in Jerusalem to study the Israel-Palestine conflict, and in Lebanon to work with Syrian refugees, I saw time and over again that violence is never the right way to end a conflict. Violence only sets the stage for more violence, and creates a mentality in which ‘collateral damage’ and ‘enemy casualties’ become accepted, and even wanted occurrences… But they should never be any of that. This is why peace-building and nonviolence are such important themes, and why I believe in the potential power of projects like the one offered by Towards a Nonviolent World. I hope that everyone who participates in it will learn how to contribute, each in his or her own way, to what we aim all to achieve: A world with less violence.


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  1. I have just visited your website and read all the infos. My first impression is that you are just impressing team who have many expriences in the most problematic regions of the world. I hope I will gain many things from you for my master thesis.


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