Foundation for Active Nonviolence (Netherlands)

SVAG logo

Since 2014 I’ve been in contact with the Dutch NGO Stichting voor Actieve Geweldloosheid (SVAG), or Foundation/Association for Active Nonviolence. They have enabled me to apply for funding from Erasmus+ by being the recipient and legal representative for  Towards a Nonviolent World.

Other partnerships that I made are:

  • Pace e Bene (USA)peace sign hands
  • Rivera Sun (USA)
  • Metta Center (USA)
  • Research and Education Center Istanbul (Turkey)
  • PATRIR (Romania)


New Partnerships

I am looking for people who want to be involved with organizing the logistics of the training courses, who want to contact me for workshops or training, or know of any other funding opportunities that help spreading Peace-building knowledge and skills.





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