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The Peaceful Earth Game is a cooperative game that provides you with 9 missions to carry out as a team, to help bring peace to the earth. It is a game in which you will learn about different topics and will feel empowered by taking action on them. In each mission you organize an activity with others, where you exchange ideas and learn from each other. By playing the game you get new ideas, more hope and you contribute to and work together for a more peaceful earth! 🙂

The missions were recently discovered in a very old document that was found in a shipwreck: The Prophecy of Quan Yin. Her prophecy contains an important message: everyone can is needed to play a role in creating an Era of Peace. She writes about nine different themes, that are missions to be fulfilled. All brave souls who want to participate can receive suggestions for taking action and completing the Nine Missions can sign up.

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Download the explanation in English  or in Dutch (Nederlands)

You can start playing the game from the 21st of August and join the Facebook group to share what you’ve been doing.

The game is an offering for everyone. I encourage people (especially those from the global North) to make a donation of €10/$10 per person, to help me to continue to share and promote the game and acknowledge all the effort that has already gone into this.

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