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The Peaceful Earth Game is a cooperative game that provides you with 9 missions to carry out as a team, to help bring peace to the earth. It is a game in which you will learn about different topics and will feel empowered by taking action on them. In each mission you organize an activity with others, where you exchange ideas and learn from each other. By playing the game you get new ideas, more hope and you contribute to and work together for a more peaceful earth! 🙂

The missions were recently discovered in a very old documen that was found in a shipwreck: The Prophecy of Quan Yin. In fact, many believe that the ship might have been the Arc of Noah, that survived the famous Biblical flood. Quan Yin was a saint from Ancient China that was the icon of compassion and has been worshipped for centuries.  She thought this was the most appropriate place to hide her message for humanity about very difficult times to come. Her prophecy contains a very important message: one explaining a way to mend the crises and move to an Era of Peace.

Those who learn about it, are the people who will act to make the prophecy come true. So, that’s you…!

Are you ready to receive her prophecy and play a part in creating a Peaceful Earth? Send an email to:

Download the explanation in English or in Dutch (Nederlands)

(PS. if you downloaded the file before the 8th of March, make sure to get the latest version!)